3 Techniques to Enhance the Soprano

As covered in the previous chapter, common tone connection supports stepwise motion in the soprano, and non-common tone connection allows the soprano to move by 3rds.

There are a number of additional techniques to enhance the soprano.


1. Chord repetition

A good way to create a melodic soprano line is through the use of chord repetition. In chord repetition, the stationary bass note is the common tone.


2. Chord repetition with change of spacing

In choral voicing, chord repetition may allow for a change from close to open or open to close spacing, resulting in mixed spacing.  The bass remains stationary.


3. Change of spacing by moving the 3rd of a I chord to the 3rd of a V chord

A do re mi melody allows for a change of spacing by moving the 3rd down to the leading tone (miti do). The common tone (so) is kept in the same voice.

In the first example, the tenor has the 3rd of the C major chord (in close spacing), which moves to the 3rd of the following G major chord (in open spacing). The second example moves from open to close spacing using the same technique in the soprano.


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