The chapter you are about to read focuses both on using and creating OER. As a first time OER adopter, you are likely only focused on adopting existing open educational resources for your course. That is perfectly reasonable, and is why we recommend reading only the sections focused on using OER. If you wish to explore further, be our guest. Our goal is to simplify what you need to know now to ensure you have the energy to complete the journey.

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    • The Introduction
    • How Will Using OER Improve Your Course?
    • Who is Your Audience

Located in the The OER Starter Kit Workbook, in the chapter called Considerations for Using or Creating OER


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icon of a person leaning with a thought bubble their head on their propped up hands and a thought bubbleSomething to Ponder

  • What do I want my students to learn about the content?
  • How does that learning meet the course objectives?

As you ponder these questions don’t forget to record your reactions or answers to them in your OER Adoption Journey document.

Please join in on the #OERJourney conversation on Twitter. OER adoption can be strengthened when adopters build community and conversation about their decisions and experiences.


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