Congratulations, you have completed the second module!

We hope that what we have shared assists you in thinking through how to adopt and adapt open educational resources to replace your current commercial textbook.

icon of a person with their head propped up on their hands and a thought bubble overheadSomething to Ponder

  • After having completed the content in this second module, how have you refocused on student-centered course design, drawing from OER to improve student learning? As you teach,  what was the result?


Taking the Discussion to Twitter

What has your journey looked like so far? Share it with us on Twitter using  #OERJourney

Join us by…

  • posting questions that you have about the content as you complete a chapter,
  • seeking support as you use a course map to evaluate your course and course materials for gaps and areas of overlap,
  • discussing and sharing your “Aha” moments

It won’t be a conversation without you!  In addition to the bullet points above, feel free to answer questions and add comments to others’ posts.

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