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Congratulations, you have completed the third and final module!

We hope that what we have shared assists you in thinking through how to grow your course design and pedagogical approach using open educational resources. While on this journey you have likely taken several side trips, delaying your OER adoption in some way. Just remember, oftentimes, the learning that takes place in those “side trips” enhances the quality of our journey.

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  • After having completed the content in this third module, how has your pedagogical approach changed or shifted because of OER adoption?


Taking the Discussion to Twitter

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Feel free to…

  • post questions you have about the content as you complete a chapter,
  • seek support as you revise course content and activities to meet the needs of your learners,
  • discuss and share your “Aha” moments

We hope that you feel free to answer questions and add comments in addition to the bullet points above. We want this to be a true conversation where all voices are heard. We value all you have to contribute to this conversation!

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