This chapter will help you think about 3 criteria you can use to evaluate OER: clarity, comprehension, and readability. You may have used these first three criteria for evaluating textbooks in the past, but you have probably never had to consider two other important criteria for OER evaluation, adaptability and modularity. Ensuring an OER is adaptable and is organized using modularity can place you in a good position to successfully adapt parts of OER or combine multiple OER to meet your course objectives.

NOTE: While accessibility is briefly touched upon in the reading, we will provide a more in-depth review in our third module, Sharing & Implementing OER, in the chapter Accessibility.


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All sections of this chapter:

    • Introduction
    • Clarity, Comprehensibility, and Readability
    • Content and Technical Accuracy
    • Adaptability and Modularity
    • Appropriateness and Fit
    • Accessibility

Located in the The OER Starter Kit Workbook in the chapter called Evaluating OER.


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Optional: Looking for a more in-depth set of evaluation criteria? 

Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG) Quality Standards for Open Educational Resources



icon of a person with their head propped up on their hands and a thought bubble overheadSomething to Ponder

  • How do I want to assess student learning? How do these assignments align with and/or connect to the textbook and materials I adopt to build my course?
  • How do the assessments/activities meet the course objectives?
  • How do the assessments/activities align with the readings I need my students to work through?

Use these questions to assist you with your resource needs list, helping you connect the OER materials to your course design.

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