In this video, part of the #MVilleOpensUp 2019 Millersville University’s Open Education Week webinar series, Dr. Ollie Dreon discusses the research that using OER has yielded. Watching this video provides context as to why moving to OER can be beneficial for both you and your learners. Furthermore, this information is important to consider as you determine your instructional needs for your course and the course content. 

Specifically, consider the
“faculty perceptions and the “big takeaways Ollie shares with us. 

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After viewing the video, we want you to have a baseline understanding of the research surrounding OER. This will help you as you journey into adopting open educational resources. In the subsequent chapters of this first module, we will include a question or an idea to think about at the bottom of each page. We believe that as you consider these “Something to Ponder” sections you will find it easier to move forward with your adoption plans and integrate the new information and a new approach to effectively adopting new content materials. Because you are using open educational resources, there are no wrong answers, and finding these answers will guide you on your journey with OER.  

We emphasize throughout this book that OER adoption can be strengthened when adopters build community and conversation about their decisions and experiences. We invite you to not just ponder, but join this conversation on Twitter with #OERJourney.

  • What do you already know about OER?
  • What are you learning about OER?
  • What concerns, if any, do you have about using OER?

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