The link in the “Read” section below takes you to a robust introductory chapter in The OER Starter Kit Workbook, by Abbey Elder and Stacy Katz. We recommend that you start your journey by reading the three sections listed below. You are welcome to read more, but we know that you are likely short on time and these three sections will provide you with the foundational knowledge necessary to help you move forward with adoption.

icon of an open book  Read

    • What is an OER
    • What is Not an OER
    • Challenges of Using OER

Located in the The OER Starter Kit Workbook in the chapter called Introduction to Educational Resources


Upon completion of the readings, return to this page. 


icon of a person with their head propped up on their hands and a thought bubble overheadSomething to Ponder

  • What are my reasons for choosing to adopt OER for this course? It will be important to keep these reasons in mind as you review potential OER, select the assigned readings and plan for implementation.
  • Consider creating a document and naming it My OER Adoption Journey. This will be a great place to record your reasons for later reference.

As we’ve emphasized throughout this book, OER adoption can be strengthened when adopters build community and conversation about their decisions and experiences. We invite you to not just ponder, but to also join this conversation on Twitter with #OERJourney.


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