The OER Adoption Journey




Kimberly Auger, McNairy Library, Millersville University

A. Nicole Pfannenstiel, English & World Languages, Millersville University

Matt Fox, Instructional & Technology Support, Millersville University


This work was made possible through funding from PA Grants for Open and Affordable Learning (PA GOAL). We are incredibly thankful for their support of our open publishing efforts as we share this resource with all our readers.

This book furthers our collaborative efforts supporting Millersville University faculty adopters through the Open Textbook Initiative (OTI). We are thankful for all our OER Working Group colleagues at Millersville University. We are thankful for all the faculty who worked through our Open Textbook Initiative cohorts, providing feedback on our efforts that led to this work. We are thankful for all our colleagues, family, and friends who endured countless conversations about our work. We are passionate about this project, and that meant colleagues, family, and friends heard about the amazingness of OER constantly. We wouldn’t have gotten to this point without all those listeners!



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