In the video linked below, Dr. Amber Nicole Pfannenstiel and Dr. Alex Redcay share their experiences and what led them to selecting the OER that they combined in their individual courses. They discuss remixing OER, meshing multiple OER textbooks, and using journal articles from the discipline to support student learning, and equity of access to course materials. This conversation, part of #MVilleOpensUp 2019 Millersville University’s Open Education Week webinar series, session emphasizes starting with learning goals to build course learning experiences for students with a combination of resources, not just one OER textbook. 

Specifically, consider the faculty perceptions and the “big takeaways Nicole and Alex share with us. Notice how they continuously refocus on student learning and course learning goals as central to the OER decisions made to build a student-centered curriculum.

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Combining OER  (36m, 51s)

icon of a person with their head propped up on their hands and a thought bubble overheadSomething to Ponder


  • Is one textbook the right approach for my class and my students?
  • Are there supplementary OER that can be incorporated into my course that meet student needs if/where my newly adopted OER falls short?
  • As I move forward in the weeks and months to come, how am I going to adjust, revise or remix the OER in support of my learners?
  • How can OER help me build a student-centered curriculum?
  • How do I start with learning outcomes, then mix resources to meet my student learning needs?


As we’ve emphasized throughout this book, OER adoption can be strengthened when adopters build community and conversation about their decisions and experiences. We invite you to not just ponder, but join this conversation on Twitter with #OERJourney.


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