This chapter will be useful to you if you need to modify the OER that you have chosen to use in your course. Not all OER adopters will need to make modifications to the OER adopted – so the readings included here may not apply to you.



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Read the OER Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know 

The first section includes 6 very short chapters that walk the reader through the process of modifying an open text. In the second section the authors provide editing format guides for pdf, html, epub, pressbooks, and OpenStax formats.


Upon completion of the readings, return to this chapter. 


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Is there a section, or content area of your course that you find commercial textbooks do not cover well? What changes have you already made to fill in the gaps and insufficiencies? There are ways you are already remixing course content due to textbook inadequacies – consider modifications you’ve already made. Share with us areas you feel you can improve by remixing your OER selection on Twitter with #OERJourney.

Remember, start small. You don’t need to modify the entire book the first semester.



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