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Dawn Lee DiPeri is a learning designer and graphic designer with over 15 years of experience working in the corporate sector in various capacities serving ad agencies, publishing firms, and as the owner of a certified minority women-owned business. Additionally, Dawn spent many years as a college professor teaching online, face to face, and in hybrid environments for both public and private universities. She has taught courses that range from new media literacies, educational technology, graphic design, animation, interpersonal communication, public speaking, and branding. Dawn has also published scholarly research on the topics of online pedagogy and gender and race disparity in the workforce. Dawn Lee DiPeri has been lucky to work with some of the best organizations and brands in the world including UNICEF, Harvard Graduate School of Education, United Way, The Vanderbilt Museum, ONEHE, and more.

To contact Dawn for speaking, training or design opportunities email
dawn.diperi@eastendadvertising.com or find her on Linkedin at


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