Course Activity: ID Project Proposal (Teaching and Learning in an Online World Course)


This activity is intended for participants in my Teaching and Learning in an Online World graduate-level ID course. Of course, if you are not a course participant, feel free to complete this activity on your own before proceeding to the development of your own ID project. If you are an instructor facilitating an instructional design course, feel free to leverage this assignment. The grading scheme is included in the downloadable Needs Assessment and Proposal template.

Background Resources

Further ReadingIt is recommended that you review the following chapters before completing this activity:

The ID Project Proposal

Participants will prepare a short description of an Online Teaching Module they plan to deliver on a chosen topic. It is suggested that participants develop a module on a topic related to their areas of professional practice or personal interest. The Online Teaching Module Topic Proposal will consist of a “Module Description” that includes an overview of the purpose of the module and a statement of the intended teaching and learning approach (approximately 300-500 words) that could be included in the course/module description block of an official Course or Module Outline. Participants should also include a preliminary list of appropriate module learning objectives for their pilot module (3-4 draft objectives at this point).

What to Include

PlanningYour ID Project Proposal should be submitted as an APA version 7 formatted document, and include the following:

  • Course Description: The course description that you would include on the course outline or syllabus for the full course that you are proposing to work with. If you are working with an existing course that has an approved official course description or outline, then you can copy-paste (and cite!) this material. (Approximately 250 words / 1 paragraph).
  • Pilot Module Description: If you are proposing to develop and pilot test a smaller segment of a larger course, include a short description of the unit or topic to be piloted. (Approximately 250 words / 1 paragraph).
  • Approach: Include a brief description of the instructional design approach you propose to take for the unit or topic to be pilot tested (2-3 sentences).
  • Draft Learning Objectives: 3-4 draft learning objectives for the unit or topic to be pilot tested.


EvaluationRefer to the latest version of the Assignments Overview document, and the Online Teaching Module Topic Proposal assignment area in your course space for the most up-to-date version of the assessment rubric to be used for this assignment.


Submitting Your Work

Sharing and presentingRefer to the instructions in your course space for details on how and where to submit your completed Needs Assessment and Proposal document.


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