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Whether you are a participant in one of my instructional design courses or you are working on your own ID project independently, you should keep an ID project journal. The journal should demonstrate consideration of the topics covered throughout this eBook and key course activities in the design, development, delivery, and post-delivery evaluation of your instructional design project.

You are encouraged to begin work on your journal early in the process rather than waiting until the end to compile your reflections.

What to Include

The ID Project Journal should consist of the following:

  • An abstract or overview of the instructional design project, what the journal is, why it is being created, and how it is organized.
  • A reflection on the purpose and creation of your Instructor Welcome Video.
  • The ID project’s topic description and a reflection on your topic choice.
  • A reflection on the creation of the project Blueprint or Storyboard (note – these documents may be included as Appendices), and how these documents helped guide the actual development of the ID project.
  • A reflection on the theories, models, concepts, and strategies that guided the instructional design and development of the ID project.
  • A response to and reflection on the pre-course (“Expert”) peer-review feedback received and how that feedback was used.
  • A reflection on lessons learned during the delivery (pilot testing) of the ID project.
  • A response and reflection on the post-course (student satisfaction) feedback received and how that feedback could be used to improve your ID project and your personal online teaching practice.
  • References and Appendices as appropriate.

Format for the ID Project Journal

You may wish to create an online blog, wiki, or another website format to host contributions to your Online Teaching Module Journal in a permanent, open-access format (to share your learning journey with the world and to demonstrate your achievements as a form of ePortfolio!). Or, you could set up a Google Drive document or folder to host your reflections and share them with your classmates and instructor. For journals/reflections submitted as a course assignment, be sure to follow APA version 7 formatting guidelines where appropriate.


EvaluationRefer to the latest version of the Assignments Overview document and the Learning Journal or Project Reflections assignment area in your course space for the most up-to-date version of the assessment rubric to be used for this assignment.

Submitting Your Work

Sharing and presentingRefer to the instructions in your course space for details on how and where to submit a copy or link to your ID Project Journal or Project Reflections.


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