11 Planning Resources: Multimedia and Digital Interactions

Richard Mayer Lecture on Multimedia Learning

Richard Mayer is a leading researcher on multimedia instruction. In this lecture at Harvard University, he overviews his research and provides many useful ideas on how to and how not to prepare multimedia instructional materials. Watching this video will save a lot of reading, and you will be much better informed about the design of instructional materials.

14 Principles for Multimedia Learning

eLearningExpert (2012)’s video 14 Principles for Multimedia Learning provides a shorter (13 minute) overview of Richard Mayer’s work, based on his 2001 book Multimedia Learning (note – Mayer released a second edition of Multimedia Learning in 2009).

Additional Resources

The University of New South Wales offers several resources to help decision-making about integrating digital and multimedia tools into an ISD project. Watch the following video by UNSW’s College of Fine Arts (now rebranded as UNSW Art & Design) for some good advice on choosing technology for teaching.

The COFA (2011) also has a useful companion PDF for their video. UNSW (2016) has a Selecting Technologies website with an excellent mapping of digital tools to desired learning outcomes and pedagogical approaches.


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