Course Activity: Pilot Testing

Background Resources

Further ReadingIt is recommended that you review the following chapters before completing this activity:

The Pilot Phase

Participants in my Instructional Systems Design and Teaching and Learning in an Online World courses will be asked to work with a group of three or four classmates to pilot test their instructional design projects. You will be assigned to a group. We typically set aside one week for pilot testing, where each group member takes a turn as the “instructor” for one day of the week. This means that on the first day, everyone looks at just one pilot module, and the module’s author monitors things and interacts with their group members just as an instructor would in a real course. At the end of the day, everyone completes a student feedback form and forwards it to the module’s author. Then, on subsequent days, group members switch off to look at a different pilot module. At the end of the week, group members gather together all of the student feedback forms they have filled out and submit them to me as one of the peer review assignments. They also gather all of the student feedback forms they have received to prepare for the Evaluate phase of their projects.


EvaluationRefer to the latest version of the Assignments Overview document, the Pilot Testing assignment area, and the Student Feedback Peer Review assignment area in your course space for the most up-to-date version of the assessment rubric to be used for the pilot testing activities.

Submitting Your Work

Sharing and presentingYou do not need to submit anything for the completion of the pilot testing activities. I will spend time throughout the pilot testing week reviewing your ID projects and recording some video feedback for you. Refer to the instructions in your course space for details on how and where to submit your completed “Student” Peer Review forms.


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