Updated February 2022 by Hannah Biederman MD, Hannah Rosenfield MD and Deyang Nyandak MD

This chapter is designed to aid primary care clinicians interested in integrating early pregnancy loss (EPL) and abortion care into their own practice. We recognize that our audience comes from different states, training backgrounds, and political environments, and have aimed to provide a breadth of tools to reflect these differences. Additional tools and handouts are linked in the chapter and available online at TEACH Office Practice Tools and Reproductive Health Access Project.


Following completion of this chapter, you should be better able to:

  • Find allies and build buy-in among staff and key-stakeholders
  • Discuss initial steps for introducing services into a practice, including telemedicine medication abortion services
  • Learn pertinent aspects of medical documentation and quality assurance
  • Know how to find current legal and reporting restrictions for your state
  • Know malpractice and financial opportunities and restrictions for your setting
  • Understand security precautions important for abortion provision
  • Understand where you can find ongoing support regionally and nationally





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