• Continue building your knowledge base in all aspects of reproductive healthcare —including clinical care, new literature and evidence, patient advocacy, and telemedicine and self-managed medication abortion options.
  • Obtain clinical experience during or after professional training. Becoming a provider increases access!
  • Consider that equity in provider training includes prioritizing providers of racial, ethnic, and gender diverse backgrounds.
  • Utilize additional training and mentorship opportunities (e.g., reproductive rights and justice) to center the desires and autonomy of historically marginalized communities (e.g., BIPOC, people with disabilities, LGBTQ) in your practice.


  • Build relationships and consult with other reproductive health providers.
  • Know when to refer for medical conditions that preclude self-managed, telemedicine, or outpatient care.
  • Make arrangements for hospital back up that you may occasionally need.
  • Consider personal security precautions as an abortion provider, including digital and online security.


  • Understand and apply the tenets of reproductive justice to patient care. Become a leader, advocate, and mentor in the reproductive rights and justice movements.
  • Consider the power of storytelling (with patient permission) in advocacy efforts.
  • Use established local and national networks to build a collaborative community, find answers to medical and administrative questions, and learn best practices.
  • Value your impact as a provider of pregnancy evidence-based and patient-centered options counseling, contraceptive information, and reproductive health services.
  • Overcome commonly reported barriers, including lack of authority to implement services, liability coverage, and staff resistance, by building relationships with key stakeholders and involving staff early in the process.
  • Be patient and persistent as the process of integrating care may take time.



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