After the procedure, you can reassure the patient that the procedure went smoothly and that they are no longer pregnant. Let them know that the cramps they are feeling are a sign that the uterus is healthy and returning to its non-pregnant size. Reassure them that emotions arising with abortion are normal, that you are there with them, and the staff will also be available to them. Most clients do not regret their decision to have an abortion, but it can be difficult to deal with any lack of support, stigma or isolation the person may experience. They can be offered a follow-up visit if desired or helpful though it is not routinely indicated (Grossman 2004).

Additional ideas:

  • Many patients respond well to encouragements of artistic expression, through writing, visual art, or music.
  • If desired, patients can read/hear the stories of others or share their stories through shoutyouraboriton or we testify 
  • Consider providing a journal in the clinic where patients can share their thoughts or art. Keep in mind people may share content that could be difficult or disturbing to others.
  • All patients can be offered post-abortion support through:


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