Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are once again available for the TEACH Abortion Training Curriculum (starting April 2024), through the University of California Office of Continuing Medical Education. This didactic activity has been approved (for up to 3 Category 1 Credit hours per chapter) for a fee of $60 (a one-time UCSF registration fee regardless of the number of chapters completed or credits requested). If you are in need of financial assistance, please reach out to info@teachtraining.org.

This knowledge-based didactic activity is meant to accompany clinical skills training to competency. For more information on the latter, please refer to our suggested a) Training Plans, b) Core Abortion Training Competencies for Primary Care Clinicians (regardless of setting), and c) Competency Evaluation (Observed Performance Assessment).

Instructions for Obtaining CME:

  1. Complete Chapter Post-Test(s) for each Chapter: After completing readings and exercises for each chapter, click on the accompanying CME exam link and complete related chapter post-test questions. A score of >=80% is required to claim CME. If necessary, you may retake the exam after review. Note: your personal information will only be used internally for CME tracking purposes.
  2. Complete CME Course Evaluation: a) To minimize duplicative steps, it is recommended you complete ALL intended course chapters and post-tests PRIOR to completing a one-time CME evaluation and claiming your CME course certificate, based on one of the suggested course training plans (below).  OR b) Alternatively, complete multiple evaluations and obtain CME credit certificates as you go.
  3. Claim CME course certificate: At the end of the CME evaluation, there will be a link to CME California, UCSF’s CME portal, where you can claim CME credit and download the completion certificate for the chapter(s) you have completed. If coming back to claim CME for additional completed chapters, you must navigate through the course evaluation each time, rather than navigating directly to CME California.

Suggested Course Training Plans:

  1. Foundational Abortion Training Course (Medication and Procedural Abortion): Chapters 1-9 (up to 27 hours)
  2. Medication Abortion Only Course: Chapters 1-4, plus Chapter 9 (up to 15 hours)
  3. Partial Participation / Opt-Out Training Course ): Chapter 1-4, 7-8 (up to 18 hours)
  4. Advanced Courses (added optionally, depending on advancing practice):
    1. Practice Integration (up to 3 additional hours)
    2. Becoming a Trainer (up to 3 additional hours)
    3. Incremental Expansion of Abortion Care (up to 3 additional hours)
  5. Entire Foundational and Advanced Abortion Training Course (up to 36 hours)

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