What Students are Saying about this Book

“The way the textbook was set up with each country separated for each period really helped me appreciate it more. It seems like in the past classes I have taken, they always talk about a few big countries and their events and effects on world history. While that’s important, I enjoyed learning about all the smaller countries like Scandinavian countries, or the African countries. It made me more interested in learning about them also, not just the bigger countries.”   Alyssa

 “The textbook proved to be an extensive source of knowledge that dove into many topics that I had only surface-level knowledge on, as well as teaching me parts of history I had not previously known at all. This new knowledge will help me in other ways of life, one of the largest probably being looking critically at politics, reflecting on history, and trying to ensure that the less desirable parts of history do not repeat themselves.”  Andrew

 “I extremely enjoyed reading the e-book and watching the Crash Course Videos with John Green. The organization of events in the book was very clear. I feel like everything stated in there was important and that is why I didn’t want to miss even one page of it.”  Nicole

 “As a future history teacher, I will use this class a lot to base my knowledge off of. The textbook is great for an overview of world history from the 15th century and on and I can for sure see myself using that to help me make some unit plans for my students soon enough.  I cannot wait to use this information in my future classroom, and I know I will be pulling up the textbook in the future to help me find the starting place for my units!”   Lillian

 “I liked the book. Everything in the book is easy to understand. It is clear. I feel like if someone like me who is not a big reader enjoyed it, then everyone should like it. I also like that I did not have to pay to have access to the material I needed for the class.”  Carla

“I was surprised and genuinely impressed to find that it was easily accessible online. The book is very sophisticatedly written. I can forgive the textbook for not being “exciting” or “flowery”, fact will always remain fact and getting to the point quickly and easily is essential for textbooks.  I appreciate that the information and cultural facts for each country and continent are clearly laid out, this was my favorite aspect of the book.”  Austin


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