Digital Learning Objects (Student-Authored)

Throughout this book, you will see student-authored work. Unfortunately, only some of their work fits into the narrow objectives of a textbook. As a way of highlighting the creativity I have found amongst my students, I wanted to share some of their other work that you will hopefully find useful in the design of your courses:



Cu Cuchlainn’s Boyish Deeds

Gender Relations Readings (Swetnam, Speght and Gouge)

Children’s Books/Pamphlets

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

A travel brochure for Gulliver’s Travels


Canterbury Tales Illustrated

Gender Relations Rap Battle

Summary of the “Lay of Launfal” by Marie de France


Henry VIII’s wives


A Choose-your-own-Adventure Gulliver’s Travels


Test Questions

Here is a sample study guide (all questions are written by students in an in-class activity we do together). You can see the related assignment in the previous chapter.




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