The Project

This book is part of an ongoing Open Educational Resources Project that I have designed and facilitated with the support of a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) grant at Austin Community College beginning in Spring 2019. It will go through an additional three editions in the 2019-2020 academic year by successive cohorts of ENGL 2322 students. I give credit for the inspiration to Robin DeRosa and the Open Anthology of Earlier American Literature compiled and edited with the help of students at Plymouth State University. For more information on how this book came together, here is a blog post I wrote detailing steps to take if you want to embark on a similar project.

Our Open Companion is both an anthology to the great works of early British literature and a guide for future students and any interested audiences. This book represents the voices of a diverse group of community college students who have penned the introductions for each open-source reading and have further provided sample essays, discussion questions, annotations and digital learning objects to aid in the comprehension of often quite challenging texts. Their generosity, good humor and dedication to this project have made this book possible.


How to teach this course

If you are looking for materials to help you utilize ALL the features of this textbook, I’ve recently created a guide that you can purchase here. It provides a wealth of materials for teachers to work from–assignments, additional curated videos, learning guides, student samples, course schedules–and, most importantly, your support directly contributes to the sustainability of this open educational resource, ensuring that students and educators worldwide can continue to benefit from this comprehensive collection of British literature. With your help, we can keep this valuable anthology available for generations to come, breaking down barriers to education and promoting the free exchange of knowledge. Thank you for your interest in this anthology, and happy reading,

Allegra Villarreal, editor

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Additional Information

Want more information on how to create your own anthology and sustainable course? My blog details the process and there is now a helpful book on this as well.



Spring 2019

Nicole Almendarez, Luis Barrientos, Jade Broadwater, Audra Cox, Zach Dickinson, Susan Duke, Emma Fendesack, Theresa Foster, Greg Garcia, Yady Garcia, Abdullah Hadid, Lauren Hillbrick, Mikayla Langham, Brenda Montemayor, Cane Mowry, Han Han C. Nguyen, Meagan Oropeza, Eddie Rodriguez, Masayoshi Sato, Rocio Sippel, Noel Wallace, and Denise Williams.

Summer 2019

Cristina Acuna, Neveen Ali, Mayra Arredondo, Florianne Binoya, Reagan Bleasdell, Emma Brackmann, Joden Caudle, Walter Doolittle, Thomas Faltesek, Suzzy Fiattor, Angela Garcia, Luis Gonzalez, Annaleyse Granowski, Talia Hanley, Madeline Ho, Jena Jordan, Aalmin Kadiwal, Hyeyoung Ku, Megan Lamontagne, Mary Larivee, E. Ching Ryan Leung, Pasty Martinez, Annieben Momin, Abigail Moser, Tyler Navarro, Emily Reyna Ortega, Rithvik Saravanan, Charlotte Schamowski, Viscette Villalobos, Adrielle Wechsler. 

Fall 2019

Emely Avila, Angelica Bustos, Samuel Cano, Karina Cantu, Alyssa Delafuente, Jerrod Green, Thai Ha, Skye Hosped, Ana Jalomo, Saige Jones, Sam Kim, Erica Lopez, Jacob Mann, Thomas Money, Caroline Pernas, Lino Puente, Joaquin Revel, Leticia Rinaldini, Meghan Stevens, Jerson Valenzuela, Kaeli Walls, Stacy Ybarra, Alexandra Zapata. 

Spring 2020

Danya Almintakh, Anahi Arguijo Monroy, Cassidy Arnett, Abigail Birdsell, Stephanie Brower, Shelby Calderon, Lucas Chapman, Katherine Dickson, Caleb Dues, Elisa Escalera, Diana Geng, Joseph Gonzalez, Brandon Harrison, Chance Herbert, Helena Hirst, Deanna Holmes, Abdihakin Jama, Hani Kamee, Annie Khan, Xondria Lloyd, Michelle Martinez, Rebecca McRee, Amy Moreno-Leyva, Jesus Muniz, Jennifer Tran, Sarah Vogeley. 


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