A crucial component of any anthology, especially one that compiles literature from the span of a thousand years, are footnotes which are crucial for student understanding. As such, throughout this book, you can access student and instructor generated annotations (which function in the same way as footnotes) using the platform. My annotations are listed under my username: msallegra. Additionally, thousands of comments, definitions, interpretations, and multimedia have been included by the student authors listed in the introduction.

How to Access and Make Annotations

It might sound intimidating at first, but is an easy tool to use. Soon enough, you and your students will find it an enjoyable way to close read and as a starting point for discussion, research and writing. The best part is you can annotate anything on the internet. Here’s an in-depth tutorial on how I set this up in my course: for Education

The team at has also created a special page for educators with great resources to get started. Feel free to email me as well for information on how I grade annotations and consult the chapter, at the end of this book, on “Reading and Annotations Assignment.”


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