As an online book, this is a record of communications in the world wide hands of the web with its memory and magic of ‘related articles’, comments and ‘freezing in time’ for a Kindle download.

As the story of the Association of McKenzie Friends, it is the record of Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy that has been not only admired and supported, but also seriously hampered by online ‘shills’, ‘trolls’ and ‘hoaxers’. But “that comes with the territory” said my colleague Belinda McKenzie who had been the spokesperson of the Hollie Greig case in Scotland.

As the record of the worst of all child snatching cases it highlights that only 4% lead to adoptions of which 96% are enforced by UK judges. The ‘whistleblower kids‘ case involves 2 child witnesses reporting the crimes of 70+ abusers and 20 child victims in 8 schools and a church. It highlights not only how the secrecy of UK family courts pretends to operate ‘in the best interest’ of children but how it is even abused to cover-up criminal activities.

As a lay legal account, this book highlights Discrepancies between EU Directive 2011/92 on combating child abuse and UK Family Courts Law as the culmination of the process of petitioning the EU Parliament.

In sharp contrast to the European idea, it was written with the Spirit of Europe in mind celebrated by the Ode to Joy, whilst in exile in Berlin, having fled from Barnet Police for fear of arrest, the High Court for threat of imprisonment and an Interpol Notice at highest level of terrorist alarm.


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