I am mentioning this blog because here is one of the posts that the Senior Solicitor of Barnet Council objected to, long before the Internet (R)evolution really started:

Get this: by listing the case exactly the same way as on the official court listing, i.e. Barnet vs Draper, I was accused of violating the identity of the children.

This ‘protection’ of the children is supposed to be more important the emotional, physical and sexual abuse they have experienced at the hands of Police, Social Services and judges deciding over their fate!

I’m also mentioning this blog, as it tries to unite two of my three lives, while the third one is on my most philosophical blog:

  1. professional life with zest: data analysis for software design
  2. social life with meaning: giving a web voice to those who can’t do it themselves
  3. physical life with pain: chronic pain since my car accident on the way to Lawrence Radiation Lab in California…


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