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Here is an overview of the case, which involves

  • two child witnesses of a Russian mother who both accuse their UK father of being the leader of a satanic cult
  • 18 other ‘special’ children being regularly abused
  • an unknown number of babies regularly being trafficked and killed in rituals
  • 70+ adult abusers
  • 8 schools
  • 1 church.

The cover-ups include

  • Camden and Barnet Council
  • Barnet and Metropolitan Police
  • Barnet and the High Court
  • Internet corporations
  • Mainstream media.

How come the UK father has so much clout as to trigger such a massive cover-up? Does this not imply these organisations come under his “authority”? Is he a VIP child-procurer of the like we saw in Jimmy Savile? Why has the BBC given him fawning airtime to defend himself without investigating the case? Why did the judge increase his contact time with the children? Who taught him what he enjoys doing with others? How far does this evil network spread?

The film Listen to the Children! was broadcast in 1990 by Channel IV’s Dispatches, but now that video has been taken off Youtube, as have many others relating to this case…just a small example of the widespread but covert support given to ritual abusers by a corrupt legal, social services and media system.

What has changed since the days we hoped the internet would allow us to share and communicate as a force for good in the world?


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