This couple came to see me in London with a big bag full of documents. Their English was atrocious, but I did understand them enough to get the main points of their very serious case:

  • their five children had been taken by Lincoln Council in April 2013
  • the supposed pretext was a silly remark by the oldest boy, who suffers from Attention Deficit Order due to the medication his mother had taken for her epilepsy during pregnancy
  • the 12-year old boy had written notes about him and his brother being molested by their visibly homosexual social worker
  • we were with them in court in December 2013 and I shall never forget the expression of the social worker who claimed that the parents were incapable of ‘good parenting’
  • I had seen not only the five beds in the boys’ and the girls’ rooms, but also the garage full of toys.

The Portuguese Consul came with an Embassy Attache and they seemed to have struck a ‘deal’ with Lincoln Council; despite this, the children are still in ‘care’.

Meanwhile the couple came to Brussels as part of the 30 supporters. But when they returned, police visited them at 7am and took them to a cell where they kept them cold and without food or drink. After 13 hours they were released to a house that had been ransacked.

The charges were to belong to a ‘forced adoption’ campaign group and abducting a child! That was a total setup due to a Portuguese man whom they had let stay with them, and who turned out to be a police informant. The charge was completely fictitious.

From then on, the parents were treated as criminals whenever they went to see their children, i.e. special arrangements had to be made with a police van, etc.

You couldn’t make up what really evil people make happen – and all of which is just doing their job, of course…

The diligent hard working father – an experienced, trained fire fighter, tried to kill himself twice due to the stress of not only losing his job due to social workers, but because his lawyers had recommended he separate from his wife, so that at least she would be given the children.

That last situation is part of the pattern we have regularly observed, too.

The website I published for the Pedros has had over 17,000 hits since December 2013.


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