Knowing what I know about cruel, hypocritical, evil and unconscious people I barely call ‘human beings’, I feel I have to do what I’m doing: exposure, exposure, exposure! as veteran campaigner Ian Josephs advised me long ago.

Hence I am appealing to the conscience in each of us to do the right thing and act in whatever way appeals to them.

Action includes communication on every level, in every way.

However, there aren’t enough prisons for all the perpetrators, and there aren’t enough judges who would sentence their corrupt colleagues. So we have to leave the real punishment to their own consciences, as long as they (or we) can find the switch to turn it on.

But we could ask for money to pay for therapy. Not only for victims and survivors, but also for the perpetrators – as long as the therapy works. Hence I started this online petition:

May you have lots of other ideas to help protect children who suffer sexual abuse.

When their innocence is replaced by violence and cruelty, they have a hard time becoming who they were meant to be. It is our responsibility to help and not hinder that process.

Adults should learn from children and their direct way of experiencing life and expressing what they think, feel, want and don’t want. It is our duty to ensure that their wishes not to suffer are honoured.


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