Everybody gets touched in their own way by the whistleblower kids’ testimonies. It depends on people’s prior experience – especially if they have been victims themselves

  • as abuse survivors
  • as parents whose children were taken into ‘care’
  • as grandparents whose grandchildren were taken and possibly adopted
  • as mothers whose child was given to the abusive father, after they thought they would get help from Social Workers and ‘the system’
  • as litigants in person who had to experience that the legal profession hardly work in their interest
  • as citizens who realise that ‘democracy’ has become a farce
  • as online activists who join more and more dirty dots to paint a picture that is very disillusioning…

One American woman who called herself Sheriff Sands was looking around Christ Church Hampstead and built this excellent website.

Two weeks later, she was arrested when she was outside the Ecuadorian Embassy where she was supporting Julian Assange in an unrelated whistleblower protest. She produced this video about it:

With her was Neelu Berry, whose niece was the victim of Satanic activities around an NHS hospital. As part of her campaigning activities, Neelu lost her licence as a pharmacist!

Just as Maurice J Kirk BVSc lost his licence as a veterinary surgeon, because he dared to stand up against South Wales Police.

Three times Neelu was arrested or kidnapped, as she calls it, with incarcerations in Holborn Police Station on 04, 24 and 30 April 2015. Five laptops, three cameras and a mobile phone were taken – as a deterrent to supporters, campaigners and activists.

Her trial was also staged to be a ‘deterrent’ rather than a fair trial. But then that is what I have learned to expect after studying the many cases I began to publish on Victims Unite.


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