This is a summary of the report written by Dumas member Olga Borzova, which resulted in a Resolution accepted by the Council of Europe:

The full 16-page report is here.

The Daily Mail published a significant extract from it, as follows:

which shows the schitzophrenia of the UK mainstream media perfectly well; the same newspaper was quite happy to publish, as ‘facts’, the horrendous interim results of judge Pauffley in the whistleblower kids case, without undertaking their own investigation.

The results of Pauffley’s interim report were very much at odds with the contents of the Borzova report detailed, yet it didn’t stop the Daily Mail singing from both song-sheets.

The problem is now only resolvable at a level far beneath bureaucracy, propaganda or proselytizing, because all those things have been corrupted by it. It comes down to whether we allow – or even want – system-savvy perpetrators of crimes against children to abuse them. You cannot beat such people with the system, for they are the system. They win with entrenched positions of power, wide-ranging powers of employment for their own kind, with money, with intimidation, with time-delaying tactics, and, of course, with sheer contempt of abuse victims and their supporters. The victims are usually mothers and their children, but fathers and grandparents are often persecuted, too.


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