4. Then came the Russian mother with her ‘Whistleblower Kids’

I have told Ella’s story and recounted her concerns to have her children returned to her, in many words and on various occasions. Despite the negative portrayal of her in the mainstream media, I believe her story. I have no reason not to believe Ella’s story. I spent a lot of time with her, getting to know her and her parents, and eventually her partner, Abraham Christie.

The story from Ella seemed quite straightforward, if shocking: the two children had recounted in minute detail, and eventually in front of a phone camera, an extensive catalogue of sexual, sadistic and ritual abuse of them and a specially selected group of their school-friends, by their father and the teachers of Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead, along with another 8 primary schools in the area. The childrens’ claims included being forced to join-in with baby sacrifices and cannibalism, along with all manner of disturbing sexual activities including rape and sodomy, spread out across Hampstead schools, homes and business premises.

That’s what I heard from Ella, and what I saw on the children’s video testimonies. But now let us see what the legal system did when made aware of these basic allegations:

  • The police had a medical examination done, but closed the case as “crime not confirmed” before it came back!
  • When it came back confirming long-term sexual abuse of both children, the police did not re-open the case or initiate a criminal investigation!
  • Instead they took the children away from their mother (on September 11th 2014) despite her not being implicated in any of the abuse, and placed them in care.

Then the legal wrangling began. The first salvo was fired in Barnet County Court and the High Court:

  1. Ella had made an Affidavit for the first hearing that we got involved in at Barnet Court, after two hearings had been conducted by her solicitors; on that morning she dismissed her barrister, because he wasn’t willing to defend her Affidavit
  2. We filed for a Judicial Review against the care-order on 22 December 2014. This was taken out against the Metropolitan Police, who had taken Ella’s children from her and closed the case by then. This was to try and facilitate them re-opening the case and investigate the abuse allegations as a necessary step towards Ella getting her children back.
  3. We made an Application for a Non-Molestation Order against the childrens’ father, which we eventually took to a judge in Holborn. Unfortunately, he told us it was up to the sitting judge in the case, Mrs Justice Pauffley, to grant, and she was already presiding over what was quickly turning into a cover-up
  4. The decisive turning point in the case was the making of this¬†Position Statement for the hearing on 26 January 2015 in the High Court, after which Belinda McKenzie and Ella came out saying that the judge had no intention of returning the kids to her. This was the point at which Ella lost all hope of justice for her abused children, and this presaged her leaving the country. In her judgement, Justice Pauffley referred to the online exposure the increasingly farcical case had garnered as a ‘thinly veiled threat’.

Then there were the local councillors of Barnet whom I emailed individually, yet I hardly received any response. Mass child abuse in schools, businesses and churches, and local MPs weren’t interested!?

My first blog posts were based on an initial press release and a 2-page summary, as a way of introducing the case to anybody:

John Hemming MP had asked me for ‘evidence of corroboration‘, which I gave.

After our Position Statement for 26 January 2015, it was clear that High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley had no intention of returning the children to Ella. Hence we published this very popular online petition:

I kept posting updates to everybody who had signed, until suddenly, with nearly 16,000 signatures, it was removed! Eventually I found out that I had supposedly violated their Terms of Service, yet Change.org had given me no email warning as they claimed to have sent. It would have been a simple matter to correct those violations if they had communicated with me properly, but as it was, they hid behind a “communication” screw-up in order to justify taking the entire petition down without notice. When I addressed those violations, they said it was too late and the petition could not be restored – it was a technical matter. No back-ups?

Does this not prove that even “change the world!” internet petition sites are part of some wider conspiracy to protect and serve the interests of a paedophilic elite within society?

16,000 signatures down the drain due to a technicality. But such a convenient technicality for child-abusers!

I happened to have kept screen recordings of the petition’s growth on this video where I tell its¬†story.

Shortly after this petition’s publication¬†I sent an email to the Home Secretary containing a link to the child-testimony videos which had triggered¬†the massive internet interest. This was done automatically via the link between Change.org as the host of the petition, and Facebook:

  1. Children describe Satanic murders they were forced to take part in. Video. is a copy of my email.
  2. A reminder a week later.
  3. Third time still not lucky: no response from the Home Office.

And then somebody¬†released the list of abusers contained within the children’s testimony, which was published by Veterans Today. I had nothing to do with this, and two people I know have suggested it was done by MI5 so that they could incriminate the mother and me if needs be, later.

This would be a variation of MI5’s general strategy to blackmail and coerce people (usually deviant politicians, mind) with the threat of prosecution if they don’t do as they are told. So the compiling of this list would be a necessary stage in their scheming if they were going to subsequently blame me for harassing the people mentioned by the children in their video testimonies.

My Google Drive, which initially just served to share information between Ella and myself, became a resource for everybody asking me for evidence, and who wanted to understand what had happened. In another telling convergence of big-business and intelligence agency interference, though, despite being a paid service, Google deleted all the children’s videos from my drive without my permission. Who did this? Who would be monitoring my Google account and then request them, legally, to remove these videos. The answer can only be either the abusers themselves (or their supporters) or the intelligence services.

Hampstead is, of course, the wealthiest area of London, with the highest population of millionaires, which might help explain either of these “influences”.

But this time the videos weren’t lost forever, and I now have them archived and available on¬†https://vid.me/SabineMcNeill

To provide context for the videos and answer the questions that followed their inadvertent and unplanned dissemination, I started www.whistleblowerkids.uk on 21 February 2015.

The pages of basic information comprised:

1. About

2. The Judgement

3. Petitions

4. The Issues

In chronological order, I published:


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