For me, it was this Position Statement which led to the possibility of prosecution. Then this Penal Notice confirmed the threat of imprisonment.

Ella then received an intimidating Police Raid from nine constables without arrest warrents, most of them in plain clothes, on top of the Penal Notice that was addressed to both of us.

Then the police raided her partner’s flat, and that caused us all to leave UK jurisdiction for fear of unlawful arrests and false imprisonments.

As McKenzie Friends, we have visited enough parents and whistleblowers in prison to know that this is what happens when you stand up to a corrupt system. It is not an acceptable option.

So we are caught between the powers of:

  1. the alleged abusers, who use unknown relationships with
  2. the police to intimidate and brutalise us
  3. guided by a judiciary who seem determined to show preference to abusive over innocent parents
  4. whilst Barnet Council, who hold the children, preside over their uncertain future in a care system rife with paedophiles.

Now we are

  • Desperately Seeking Police against Child Abuse with the aid of a Crime Report
  • hoping that the BBC will investigate what the Police failed to do
  • informing the EU Commission about the Collusion and Cover-Up with this report, since the UK has already received an Infringement Notice of the EU Directive on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.


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