As a former systems analyst at CERN, where I used to teach programming to summer students, and a web publisher since 2004, I ‘think software’ and ‘feel user experience’.

Hence I was very critical of GoPetition with which I started to publish petitions in 2010. The first one which related to family courts was:

GoPetition is simply too technical and not sufficiently user-friendly. But you can’t force programmers to think ‘user’ rather than ‘machine’.

My total list of online petitions is here, addressing

  • white collar crimes in general
  • monetary issues as the root of all evil
  • the secrecy of family courts and the resulting problems

I used to extract comments and turn them into the source documents for a new ‘literary genre’ and they often made fascinating reading. As qualitative research they were far more valuable and informative than any number-based market research.

Since May 2013 I have tallied the numbers of signatories on these petitions in order to answer the question how many people know about the scandals of child ‘care’, secret family courts and forced adoptions?

Sadly, the number is rising. And who would have thought that this sad picture would culminate in the sheer scale of abuse we find in the whistleblower kids case:

Relating to Petition 1707/2013 which targets the EU Parliament, these are the running and related petitions:

1. on the official EU Parliament site:

although I have not encouraged people to sign these petitions, as the procedure for opening an account is clumsy and time consuming.

2. on other petition platforms:

  1. Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent: over 5,000 signatures;
  2. Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK: nearly 1,700 signatures;
  3. The Secrecy of the Family Courts should be lifted NOW: nearly 2,000 signatures;
  4. President Munby to Stop Forced Adoptions: nearly 1,600 signatures;
  5. Stop Secret Family Courts encouraging Forced Adoptions in the UK!: over 200 signatures.

The most complete Dossier of online Evidence for our initial submission covered 12 pages, but could be endlessly extended, given the number of new cases being generated daily.


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