It is very sad to see the mainstream media (MSM) singing off a very different hymn sheet than the alternative media.

Here is a great comparison of the two:

In the case of the Hampstead scandal, Mrs Justice Pauffley pre-emptively leaked her judgement to The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Guardian and the Ham and High. These bastions of the mainstream media didn’t undertake any proper journalism at all; instead they repeated what Pauffley had stated – despite all the mistakes, bias and unprofessionalism in her judgement – and even added a sensationalist gloss making the mother appear to be little more than a whore making up stories to win a custody she already had over her children. The phrase ‘Yummy Mummy’ will forever taint the mainstream media. Ella’s children had openly stated, and in extraordinary detail, how they had been raped by their father and school-teachers. Their compelling, coherent and extensive allegations were widely available in the public domain. Yet the mainstream media didn’t even investigate this, and preferred to ignore the children’s plight, defaming the mother who had brought all this to the media’s attention in the first place!

One wonders what hope there is for the mainstream media in cases where the evidence isn’t so widely available – which is most of them.

Back to the sad realities of the situation this case was quickly uncovering – the media was clearly showing which side it was on, and it wasn’t the childrens’. The hidden-hand behind their lack of journalistic professionalism was clearly paving the way to hand custody of the children over to the allegedly abusive father, using the mainstream media as its tool to do so.

However, this wasn’t the only example that supporters of Ella met, of a total lack of journalistic integrity. I was later to be very badly misled by Radio 4, who asked me to do an interview about Ella’s case. I wasn’t even told the title of the program. Their list of questions was exceedingly biased; it had one agenda: to ‘wind me up’ and then extract those pieces via editing to make me look bad. When I realised this, I formally withdrew my consent for the interview to be aired, but the preposterous bureaucracy of the system even managed to turn this into a victory over those who support the rights of children: I was told that because of the ‘seriousness of the case’ – by which they really meant the hoax they were determined to paint the childrens’ allegations as, it was ‘in the public interest’ to air the interview, so they did, and joined the newspapers in their vicious, ignorant and unprofessional debunking of two children who the police’s own medical experts agreed had been abused for a long-time. Did this small fact creep into any of the BBC’s questioning? Perhaps the fact that the police are illegally refusing to investigate this proven abuse did?

Of course not. Jimmy Saville and all that.

After that radio interview debacle, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire interviewed the father, and the professional actor hammed his denials, quite hollowly, up to the studio floodlights. No difficult questions were posed, no contradictions in his statements were pointed out. So the system had found its most significant outlet with which to continue its persecution of the mother and the abuse of the children. The interview was extensively criticised in more unbiased circles:

Maybe the time is coming when the BBC can liberate itself from the shackles of systemic paedophilia, and begin to truly deliver the Public Service it is meant to. But that is a long way off yet.


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