I had the childrens’ video testimonies neatly organised on my Google Drive, after I had given them appropriate titles and shared them with Ella and our key McKenzie Friends.

I had separated them into

  • Privately recorded videos – which were not part of the court proceedings.
  • Police interviews – which Ella had received from her solicitor after she had sacked them.

In her first secret family-court hearing, Mrs Justice Pauffley asked Ella to hand the police videos in, surely to increase her lack of public accountability.

But Google Drive had deleted the videos – without alerting me, despite my paying for the service!

Google then fooled me into believing that if I went back to their old version, the videos would be restored. It took me ages to realise that with the old version, the videos only looked present. Yet now, others couldn’t access them.

How strange that technological complexities should work so well in support of a corrupt judicial system; that laws on one level of life – software programs – should follow the dictats of those on another level of life – the judicial process – so seamlessly.

However, to throw a spanner into the works of these efficient machinations, oodles of other people had already shared the link I had sent in my email to the Home Secretary. Much later I realised that Facebook had also published this email, quite automatically, because it was an update to the petition.

And thus the spontaneous internet revolution, founded on the publication of the childrens’ damning testimonies against their abusers, took place quite inadvertently. It wasn’t planned or designed; it simply expanded from the support the petition already had, helped along by a few chance petition settings.

Since YouTube deleted all those testimony videos, and keeps doing so, to its unending shame, I have now collated them all on https://vid.me/SabineMcNeill, and in time I will organise them into albums, rather than have one long string of them.


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