Bulgarian mum Ellie Popova asked me for support when she and her mother delivered their petition to the Committee on 27 January 2015.

On that occasion I only added an emphasis of the ‘systemic patterns’ to her case, which is very representative of the underlying problem: shockingly, courts almost always give children to the abusive parent…

I published the Bulgarian mother’s  presentation here, and a commentator wrote:

The UK is stealing children to sell on for profit; adoption agencies get paid £20,000 to place a child in adoption and £6000 to place them in a foster family. This is nothing less than state run child trafficking and it must stop. The EU is the only place that parents whose children have been stolen can find justice. So why isn’t the EU stopping this foul practice? Why is the UK uniquely allowed to steal children based on the prediction of a ‘risk’ of future events?


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