5. The spontaneous Internet (R)evolution

What took place thanks to making one link available via my email to the Home Secretary was nothing short of a miracle.

I recorded some of it on Social Media: Blogs, Videos, Interviews, Articles, Forum Discussions, Twitter

After Google deleted my videos, I eventually put together https://vid.me/SabineMcNeill

One of the best websites is

  • Christ Church, Hampstead – but the American publisher got arrested, kept in a Police cell for a weekend, was fined £165 and given a suspended prison sentence for 12 months.

It is quite clear how ‘the system’ regards those fighting systematic child-abuse.

One of the best blogs is

Its publisher Bronny also produced

And last, but not least: The TAP NewsWire who broke the news with my email to the Home Secretary, and Aangirfan who always finds the most miraculous links and connections and branded the case the ‘Hampstead Scandal‘.


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