Hampstead Research is by far the most important contribution to the internet publicity of the case.

It started by publishing videos about the alleged abusers and teachers at the school before they were integrated into a blog that built a growing community of online investigators and ‘fact finders’.

By far more effective, credible and FAIR investigations than the 11- or 12-day fact finding hearing that Mrs Justice Pauffley staged

  • without the mother or any of her legal representation
  • and in a secret family court – yet dealing with criminal matters

As illustrated in this overview for newcomers, there are four groups of videos:

1. About the Network of 70+Abusers
School and Teachers

3: Teachers
11: The School’s Sponsors

Christchurch Hampstead

4: Churches
13: CCTV?

The Network

1: Connections
5: Polly
6: Lock and Shoe Shop
7: Reply to Dan
9: Tennis Coaches
10: A Hampstead Child Trafficker
12: More Evidence?
14: The Network Part 1
16: Porno?
18: The Network Part 2

2. About the Mother and her Partner

2. Police Raid
8. Ella’s Witness Statement

3. About the Father

15: Dearman’s Judgment 2010
17: Dearman – child pornographer?
19: When Tricky met Vicky
22: Dearman BBC Analysis

4. Barnet Police

20: Forensic Linguistics Part 1 & 2
21: Who was Involved?


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