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Headed notepaper:               CASILLA DEL CORREO 226

                                               Buenos Aires, 13th Aug…….de 189 2

No 1


My dear Mother,

Here I am at last in the old digs. Julian looks well, but is very neuralgic.[1] When the warm weather comes I expect he will feel better, & that will be very soon now; in fact it has almost begun, for the last two days have been perfect. We were off the Ensenada port by day-break of the 11th, but what with the health-visit, the delay of the special train, & the custom-house it was after three when we reached our lodgings. They look very nice now. Julian has made them brighter by draping the top of the piano with a piece of grey-blue cloth, & adding to the furniture a book-stand, & to the nicknacks some photographs, two lamps, ink-stands, & a china afternoon tea-set, – the last a present from a lady.

Julian got his presents on his 21st birthday, & was much pleased therewith.[2] I stood him – along with our companion in digs, Ferguson, the other 29th Feby.[3] man – a dinner in the Café de Paris, & we drank many happy returns to him in a bottle of fiz.

There is not much change in B. Aires in the last few months. The big boulevard, projected through the centre of the town, has advanced a block & one house in our street has been re-painted. Those are the only noticeable improvements.

At the same time there seems to be a little more stir in the streets & people tell me trade is improving. The revenue returns for the first half of this year are double what they were in the corresponding half of 1891, & the imports in the same time, excluding railway-materials have increased 50%. If they have only political quiet the country will come forward again. I only hope it will do so gradually & not too suddenly. We have had enough of booms here, & the Argentines easily lose their heads.

I want to write a line to the Pater, so this, my first from B. Aires, must be short. I hope you got my letter from Rio. I spent the night there with Youles & had a good game of whist.[4] McKinnels & Allens were out of town.[5]

Best love to all.



The p.o. box is now 226. But all letters hitherto addressed to 2260 will come right.

  1. Julian Weinberg (see Index to People)
  2. Julian Weinberg born 12th August 1871
  3. Ferguson. Born on 29th February as JMcC – he appears in other letters too.
  4. The Youle brothers – both merchants in Rio de Janeiro. See Index to People.
  5. McKinnels, Allens: see Index to People.


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