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Pará  ,   4th  Janry.  1895


My dear Mother,

Taking advantage of a steamer leaving today for New York I send these few lines that way on the chance that they may reach you sooner than a letter will by the next direct mail on the 10th.

Two days ago I posted a letter to you, written while on the steamer coming north, via Pernambuco. There are so many different routes for homeward mails from Pará, but most are very uncertain in the time required for letters to reach their destinations.

Once more I have fallen on my feet in the matter of lodgings. I had only to spend one day in the dirty hotel when I was offered a room in a house shared by two old acquaintances. Power and Duff, – about the best men here.[1] Power is now manager of the London & River Plate Bank in Pará, and Duff is an exchange-broker. They have a most comfortable house, arranged according to English ideas, and a good cook. We breakfast and dine there, and we lunch in town. They allow me to pay something, – but it is much less than what the beastly hotel would cost one.

Another acquaintance, Mr Oakes, is manager of the other English Bank (London & Brazilian). He is married to a German lady who is very nice – speaks English fluently. They were formerly in Bahia where I knew them and used to play whist with them. I dined at their house the day I landed here and I go there again to-night.

Our Agent, Mr Kolb, is at Ceará, but he returns in a few days. I have been round seeing our “customers”; they are all busy with their stock-taking and I shall not be able to do much before next week.

Am waiting impatiently for my Christmas letters by next boat from P’buco. You had better still address there c/o Mr Theo Just.

Best love to all



  1. Power and Duff. Old friends in Pará. See Index to People.


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