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Headed notepaper:                                         LENNOXVALE, BELFAST



22nd Sep. 1893


My dear Mother,

I posted a long letter with an acct of affairs at Rio on arrival of the steamer at Montevideo. We were at once put into quarantine in the Plate, so I did not land at Montevideo, & only y’day came ashore here, as we were allowed to spend the four days on board the “Magdalena” instead of having to go to the lazaretto at Martin Garcia.[1]

There are rumours of revolution too, with actual trouble in the provinces, & the local Radical leaders have been arrested.[2] Consequently business is said to be at a stand-still, – not a pleasant look out. I saw MacCallum[3] y’day, & a number of other old friends.

Julian has gone back to his old digs at Belgrano.[4] I prefer staying in town. I have put up at a Hotel, but I am going out now to look for a room.

I felt quite sorry to leave the ship, having become so accustomed to it during the four weeks we were on board, and it is not pleasant to say good-bye to fellow passengers one has come to know so well on the voyage.

It is still very cold here, at night particularly. I had to put my rug on the bed.

The English paper announces among arrivals by the “Magdalena” the name of Mr J McClournthal.

In the present state of affairs I scarcely know what address to give you, but you had better continue writing here c/o Mr O Letzgus, Casilla 1296, subject to change of instructions by wire.[5]

Best love,




  1. Marin Garcia island is an island in the Rio de la Plata – where they had a quarantine station: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mart%C3%ADn_Garc%C3%ADa_Island
  2. The Argentine Revolution of 1893, or the Radical Revolution of 1893, was a failed insurrection by members of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) against the government of Argentina: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argentine_Revolution_of_1893
  3. James MacCallum. See Index to People
  4. Belgrano is a northern and leafy barrio or neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
  5. This is Ottmar Letzgus, merchant, (b 1861 Germany) resident in Buenos Aires.


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