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Pará     10th Janry    1895


My dear Mother,

I don’t understand it at all. I have waited till the last moment allowed for this mail so as to be able to acknowledge the letters that I counted on for certain by a steamer just in from Pernambuco, but nothing whatever has come. Unless Mr Just has regtd  them – which would cause some delay – I shall be much disappointed. I have not yet had any Christmas letters from home.

Here I am all right, – very comfortable out at Power’s house – dined three times this last week with Mr & Mrs Oakes, at whose house we had some mild whist.[1]

The rainy season is beginning. Torrents of rain every afternoon. One’s clothes always feel damp & everything becomes mildewed. Mosquitoes vigorously on the warpath.

I expect to turn south again in a week or so. Maranham – Ceará – & P’buco.

I wrote you two letters since arrival here, one via N. York, on via P’buco, and now I shall wait till I get some news. Have had none for ever so long.

Best love to all,


  1. Mr Oakes is the manager of the London & Brazilian bank. He is married to a German lady who is very nice and speaks English fluently (all from JMcC's last letter of 4th January 1895. Not otherwise identified.)


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