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Pará         17th Apl.  1893


My dear Mother,

Just finished writing to Dundee & to Pater & it is now 2 a.m. I must make this a very short letter, merely to let you know I am flourishing, as usual. I arrived to-day from Maranhão where I spent just a fortnight, – not unpleasantly. There is a very nice clean hotel there with good French cooking, at which I was agreeably surprised. I made the acquaintance of some pleasant people, & usually spent the evenings playing chess or dominoes. I was taken to one ball given by a club. All present had a title for the occasion, & I was honoured with the dignity of “Baron de Gingerale”, that being considered “quite English”. It was very good fun. I shall give some account of it in my next which I promise to make longer.

After a long interval without news I was glad to find here to-day your letter of 6th Mar. & to hear about all.

I am disappointed to find I shall likely be stuck here for 3 weeks for want of a steamer to Barbados. It is riling as it delays my home-coming by so much. The two that were expected sailed on the same day while I was in Maranhão whereas I thought there wd  be fully a week between them. I may get one on the 26th but more likely it will not call at Barbados & I shall have to wait till the 6th May.

Paciencia! It can’t be helped, but when I was so informed I felt like the Bishop who asked some layman to say something suitable to the occasion.

Now, good-night. My letters have to be at the Post by 7 to-morrow morning, or rather this morning.

Best love.




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