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The letter is undated but possibly Friday 7th September 1894[1]


R.M. S.S. “Nile”


Friday 2 pm


My dear Mother,

Just rcvd. your welcome wire. Many thanks. I have a good cabin & a pleasant mate. Everything has gone well so far. I shall write you from Lisbon. You may expect a letter about Thursday, then no more for about 5 weeks.

There are several nice old acquaintances on board, besides officers I know, & I shall be all right.

It is a lovely day. Our voyage begins well.

c/o John Eggers[2]

Caixa 114


I purpose writing to Julie & the Pater from Lisbon.


Best love


  1. I wonder if this is the start of his trip to Brazil of September 1894 to August 1895. That trip started with a letter dated 8th September 1894 from the Bay of Biscay and written from S.S. Nile. The 8th September 1894 was a Saturday and this note was written at 2 pm on a Friday (no date). How long would a steamer have taken from Southampton to the Bay of Biscay in those days? 24 hours is long enough I think . . .  so I believe this letter was written on 7th September 1894
  2. Their agent in Bahia. See Index to People.


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