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25th Janry. 1895


My dear Mother,

My last letter went about ten days ago, by the last mail, S.S. “Lanfranc”. To-morrow I leave for Maranhão. Beyond this I have very little to report. No letters from you since and nothing out of the usual routine, except that last night I dined once more with the Oakeses – had a pleasant little dinner and a mild game of whist.


26th     Just receivd your welcome letters of 24th & 25th Decr.

Have had a very busy day to-day. Packed last night from 10-12 o’c. & this morning from 6 till 7. Then into town. Did my last “biz” between 8 & 9 o’c.  Since then have been writing, running about, paying bills, & changing money. Now I am just about to go on board my steamer for Maranhão.

I have really no time for more. After all I am fairly satisfied with the result of my visit to Pará.

Best love to all



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