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Headed notepaper:   Fernbrae, Dundee[1]

Crest:                          W A I     (intertwined)[2]


Friday 14th March 90


My dear Mother,

Father sent me Addie’s letter, & I now return it with the one I had from him for my birthday.[3]

I can’t get away till tomorrow morng. Renny comes to dinner, also a Spanish buyer from Santander whom I know very well.[4]

My train leaves at 8 tomorrow morng. reachg. London at 7. I think I shall drive right across to Waterloo & leave my luggage. I shall go & see the Boases on Sunday morning, if I can possibly manage it.[5]

I shall write you a line from either London or the steamer, & shall wire you when I get safely on board with my goods & chattels.

The Coleridge will touch at Madeira abt. the 21st & shd be wired from Montevideo or Buenos Ayres abt. Monday 7th April.

Hope to have a line from you to Adelaide Rd.[6]

Best love to all


  1. Fernbrae House, 329 Perth Road, Fernbrae, Dundee. The home of the Weinberg family. Build for Isaac Julius Weinberg circa 1860. http://portal.historicenvironment.scot/designation/LB25567
  2. W A I intertwined = Weinberg Agnes Isaac (Isaac Julius Weinberg & wife Agnes)
  3. Addie is his brother Ferdinand Adolphus. See Index to People and Family Tree
  4. Likely to have been William John Renny – b 11th Feb 1841 in Russia, naturalized British – Flax Merchant and Artist in Dundee. Son of William Warden Renny of Broughty Ferry (b 26th March 1809 in Arbroath, Scotland, d 1882 Broughty Ferry). He was "one of the oldest and most honourable of Dundee's merchants. He lived a life steeped in the knowledge, workings and trading of flax, both here in Scotland and also in Russia." "William Warden Renny enjoyed a long and successful career as a flax merchant. Known as a peace-maker, he was frequently sought as an arbiter in disputes where his opinions and decisions carried weight. His name was as familiar in the flax trade throughout Russia as it was at home on the streets of Dundee." https://mcmanus168.org.uk/mcmanus168entry/w-w-renny-esq/#source2
  5. Fred Boas and his wife Henrietta. See Index to People.
  6. 205 Adelaide Road is the residence of Julius' brother Ferdinand Aldolf Loewenthal (“uncle Addie”) and his wife Caroline (nee Goldschmidt) – JMcC only once mentions his uncle by name – they frequently appear in his letters as he uses their home as a place to stay overnight before setting off from London.


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