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Pernambuco            31st Dec.     1893


My dear Mother,

Just come ashore from the “Clyde”. Before going out to my old lodgings at Mrs Latham’s I will scribble a few lines to go forward by the steamer.[1]     In Bahia I recvd. your welcome letters of 20th & 29th Nov. Hope the great dance was successful. I had nice Xmas letter from Mrs Weinberg & Sissie, & a few lines from Mr W.  From Fred a Xmas card – “The Lord’s Prayer Almanack”![2]

I spend Xmas quietly at the Hoyers’ & had my usual morning swim.[3] There was another dance at the English Club, after a concert. It was very pleasant and lively.

I saw Keiller, who looks well, & a number of old acquaintances on landing this morning.[4]  Also on board ship there were a good many old pals, as usual.

The last day of the old year. I hope 1894 will be good to us all. I have my coat & vest off & am streaming at every pore, while you are trying to keep close to the fire. To-morrow, New Year’s day, is a holiday. I shall take advantage of it to put my clothes & papers in order, & perhaps to begin a longer letter to you.  No time for more now.

Best love,


  1. Mrs Latham runs an English boarding house in Pernambuco. See Index to People.
  2. "Mrs Weinberg" is Agnes Weinberg, the wife of Isaac Julius, "Mr W", founding partner of Moore & Weinberg. Sissie (which has also been written as “Sissy”) is their daughter Zerline Adele (b 2nd November 1872) and "Fred" is Frederick Simon Weinberg (b 5th August 1865). See Index to People. 
  3. George and Margaret Hoyer, and their family. See Index to People.
  4. John Gibson Keiller (b 9th July 1865 Dundee, d Pernambuco 1897) was Fred Weinberg’s future brother in law (Fred married his sister Grace Keiller in August 1894). See Index to People.


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