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Pernambuco     14th Feby.   1893[1]


My dear Mother,

Just come ashore from the “Trent”. She leaves again at once so I have only time to scribble a few lines to let you know I have come safely so far.

Found here your welcome letter of Jany 23rd. You see I am nearer home now when we get each other’s letters under 3 weeks instead of 4.

Mr & Mrs Hoyer & Mr Eggers came to see me off at Bahia & lunched with me on board.[2] Captain Milner, an old friend of mine, welcomed me heartily, said I was to get “the best cabin on the ship”, & gave me a seat beside him at table. Next morning he knocked my out of my berth at 7.30. “What do you mean sir, by being in bed at this hour? Don’t you know the regulations of the ship? Come up at once & have a cocktail.”  So up I went in pyjamas, paced the decks for a while & had the iced appetizer. After 8 o’clock one must appear respectably dressed.

I also found on board a fellow called Estil, who lives with Youles in Rio, a very nice chap.[3] Also the Englishman who showed me over the paper-mill at Zarate.      I am pretty well known on the Coast now, & wherever I go I meet acquaintances.

The “Tagus” passed the “Trent” between Bahia & Pernambuco so I did not see Bertie this time.

I shall write again by “Sorata” in four days.

Bye-bye meanwhile. I am glad to hear you are all well.

Best love.



  1. Although JMcC refers to Bahia and Pernambuco as though they were towns, they are states in Brazil. The main city of Pernambuco is Recife, and of Bahia it is Salvador: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pernambuco and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahia
  2. For more information about the Hoyers and Mr Eggers, see Index to People.
  3. Probably Harry George Estill (b 14th November 1866 Madras,  India). He grew up in Lancashire, but lived most of his adult life in Brazil, working as a coffee exporter. In 1897 he married a woman 5 years older than him (Edith Jeavons) in Hounslow (he was then 30 and already listed as resident in Rio de Janeiro). They both died in Rio de Janeiro – she 20th August 1932, he 10th May 1955.


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