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Trinidad          13th April  1894


My dear Mother,

I arrived y’day at Trinidad, having left Barbados two days before on the “Trent”. That morning the English mail brought your welcome letters of 19th & 23rd March, written in good spirits when the whole “fambly” was going off on holiday making. Well I hope you all enjoyed yourselves at Ballycastle, & returned much the better for the outing.

I found a lot of friends among the officers on the various Roy. Mail stmers at Barbados. The three Intercolonial boats meet the fortnightly packet there.

I breakfasted with Capt. Tindall on the “Dee”[1] – an awfully nice fellow – & had a little refreshment with Capt. Milner on the Pará. – Was invited to go off & visit Chief Offic. (acting captain) Doughtie on the “Solent”, but cd no manage it. With Bolland, 4th on the “Trent”, I have now made four voyages inside eleven months. It is comical the way we dodge each other round on different ships. I did not know him at first when I caught a glimpse of him down in the hold, for he had cut his moustache short & it now reminded me, as I told him, of a worn-out tooth-brush, but he came running up with his hand outstretched & his face beaming; – very good fellows they are, almost all of these officers.

This is not a regular mail – merely an outside steamer to N.York, but I thought  I wd send you a line to say “all’s well”.

Best love,




Rivas Fensohn & Co





  1. Andrew Tyndall (b ~1853) had been promoted from Chief Engineer and JMcC has made frequent references to him. See Index to People.


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