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Printed letterhead:                                                                                       

O. LETZGUS                                                             Buenos Aires..18th July….de 189 5……

CASILLA DE CORREO 1296                                     ALSINA 555

Telegramas   LETZGUS


My dear Mother,

No more long letters from me now, for when this reaches you I hope to be on my way home. I have been rather busy & have sent home some orders. Bertie is still in bed with an abscess that had to be cut – not very pleasant.[1] Julian turned up some days ago – did I tell you – on his way from one part of the Camp to another.[2] He looked strong & well, much improved in every way.

I have been out little – writing later once or twice – but last night I went to an English subscription Cinderella – about 500 people, – the best dance I have been to for a long time. I met a number of nice girls, – some old acquaintances, some new. There were many pretty faces & lots of handsome & striking “frocks”, an excellent string-band, a fine hall most beautifully decorated.  I enjoyed it all very much.

The “Clyde” sails 25th July. The steamer of 8th Aug. will be “Magdalena” I think, both good boats. I shall go by one or other. I really require the 2 weeks to finish, but the Pater seems to want me back middle August, so I suppose that means that I cannot give you a trip to London now. Never mind, we shall have it at the earliest possible moment I promise you. I expect a wire now to say which boat I am to take.

Best love to all


  1. Bertie = Herbert Weinberg. See Index to People.
  2. Julian Weinberg. A gaucho manqué. Enjoying The Camp, "El Campo" – equivalent of “the bush” in Australia – out in the countryside. See Index to People.


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